Sarajevo 1984 Olympics "Sasha" Jacket

Sarajevo '84 Olympics "Sasha" Jacket Bundle
Sarajevo '84 Olympics "Sasha" Jacket Bundle
Sarajevo '84 Olympics "Sasha" Jacket Bundle
Sarajevo '84 Olympics "Sasha" Jacket Bundle
Sarajevo '84 Olympics "Sasha" Jacket Bundle
Sarajevo '84 Olympics "Sasha" Jacket Bundle
Sarajevo '84 Olympics "Sasha" Jacket Bundle
Sarajevo '84 Olympics "Sasha" Jacket Bundle
Sarajevo '84 Olympics "Sasha" Jacket Bundle

Sarajevo '84 Olympics "Sasha" Jacket Bundle

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  • Made In Serbia
  • Includes Size-Matched Jacket & Fleece
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Sasha's Jacket, Brought To Real Life

The iconic jacket and pop-collar fleece combo from Behind Enemy Lines has been brought to life, and we upgraded it too. Worn by the character "Sasha Ivanic" this jacket and fleece has long been the grail of fans of the movie without practically any person on the internet bothering to do a high quality, movie-performative repro of the real deal. 

We worked tirelessly for weeks with a manufacturer in Serbia to bring it to life, and the result is a truly stylish homage to one of the best action flicks of the early 2000s.

The track jacket fits & feels just like the Ad*d*s classic in true Slavic fashion with an embroidered "Sarajevo 1984" Olympics insignia and two-striped lawsuit free design.

The fleece has a few tricks to it that make it better than big-screen. The collar is held up naturally with no special tricks or techniques, and also features an embroidered Sarajevo '84 insignia. We decided to give it a material upgrade vs. what Sasha Ivanic wore in the movie with an ultra-cozy high pile fleece that still fits underneath the jacket without issue thanks to clever sleeve-narrowing & a slightly shorter hem.

Overall, if you're looking to steal the titular man's look, we made sure this is a sure fire way to absolutely nail it.

Size & Fit

While these are two separate garments, we've specifically designed them to work in conjunction. Whatever your normal US Shirt size is, you can order that & rest assured both will fit. 

The fleece has an athletic fit to conceal underneath the jacket, and the track jacket alone may be a smidge looser than you're used to 

If you do need a different size we offer easy exchanges as part of our standard a 30-day return policy.


  • Made in Serbia to better-than-big-screen standard of quality

The track Jacket:

  • 100% Polyester
  • German-styled athletic jacket design with two white stripes on each arm
  • Fully embroidered Sarajevo 1984 Olympic insignia on left breast
  • High quality full length zipper
  • Open hand pockets (for cigarettes & other small Slavic carryons)
  • Elastic ribbing on hem & wrist cuffs

The Fleece Jacket:

  • 100% Polyester
  • Half-zip pullover design with high quality hardware
  • Poppable collar to mimic Ivanic's devilish looks
  • Ultra comfy high-pile fleece
  • Athletic fit with elastic wrist cuffs to conceal under included track jacket OR jacket of your choice
  • Fully embroidered Sarajevo 1984 Olympics insignia on left breast

Additional notes:

  • May increase precision rifle accuracy
  • May cause Geneva Convention violations
  • May cause unsolicited phone calls from your cousin during important Events

Care Guide

Always wash cold with like colors & mild detergents, tumble dry on low heat. Never iron or bleach, and we suggest not using fabric softener.


Sasha Ivanic's Jacket

The origin story of the quintessential "Slav" outfit...

A True Story Goes to Hollywood

In 1995, pilot Scott O'Grady was flying his F-16 on a mission during the Bosnian war, when his aircraft was destroyed by an SA-6 Missile.

He survived by successfully ejecting from the aircraft, but was forced to spend nearly a week evading local military forces before he could be rescued by US Marines.

He wasn't approached to consult on the making of Behind Enemy Lines, nor was he paid for the rights to his story. As one could imagine, lawsuits ensued and "Behind Enemy Lines" would later be presented as the story of a different person in a very similar set of circumstances...

Behind Enemy Lines, 2001

This action flick featured Owen Wilson playing Chris Burnett, a pilot who gets shot down over Bosnia on a reconnaissance mission. He ejects, but that's only where his problems begin.

The lieutenant spends the rest of the film evading an extremely dangerous lone-wolf sharpshooter and the rest of the Bosnian-Serb military.

Almost immediately upon release, the movie was a cult-hit among firearms & military enthusiasts in the US. The main antagonist, Sasha Ivanic was in many ways the focal point of this obsession.

Sasha's iconic track jacket became an "it item" among collectors, but it was nowhere to be found...

Stealing The Show

Ultimately the film's legacy hasn't been kind to its hero. Sasha Ivanic is such cool villain that despite having almost no lines, he completely steals the show.

Vladmir Mashkov, the actor playing Sasha, left such a lasting impression on audiences that he shaped Eastern European villains and anti-heros for years to come.

The protagonist of Grand Theft Auto IV, Niko Bellic, was based almost entirely on Sasha — Rockstar Games even intended to cast him for the role. GTA IV would go on to be one of the most celebrated video games in history, firmly cementing post-USSR "Slav" culture in the minds of millions.

Finding The Fit

Like many white whales we've chased, it all started with blurry photos circulating on obscure forums and social media pages. But try as we might, the search for the Sasha jacket always came up dry.

So we rolled up our sleeves and got to work. We paged frame by frame through the original movie, painstakingly made our own artwork and mockups, and designed the track jacket from the ground up.

We were pretty happy, but it was missing something.

That fleece jacket with the popped collar.

So we went ahead and made that too...

Behind the Scenes

How we made the jacket & fleece better-than-big-screen.

Unzip All The Features (Click To Interact)

Fully Embroidered

We replicated the Sarajevo '84 Olympics logo with full, high-detail embroidery.

Unlike The Movie, which used English characters and an altered logo, we opted for the real logo with Cyrillic letters.

It's as permanent as designs get on clothing, and is sure to last another Balkan conflict or two...

The Right Fit

We sized both garments to look great on their own and when worn together.

We used a few tricks to narrow the sleeves and alter the hem of the fleece, so it sits cleanly underneath the jacket.

The Collar

We engineered our fleece's collar to stay popped up without any movie magic or careful posing.

It was a crucial detail to get Sasha's look right, and we nailed it.

Made In Serbia

We worked with a firm in Serbia who did an excellent job rendering the jacket & fleece to be just like Sashas in the movie.

(It's only fitting really.)

Comfort & Style

We upgraded the fleece to be a great item in its own respect. We used premium, high-pile fabric to ensure your comfort during all kinds of Geneva-compliant reconnaissance.

Why Sarajevo?

The 1984 Olympics in context

The Boycott Games

The Olympic games during the Cold War were notorious for boycotts organized by dozens of countries up through the 1980s.

Melbourne '56, Tokyo '64, Canada '76, and particularly the Moscow Olympics in 1980 were all mired in international politics.

But in 1984, for the winter Olympics in Yugoslavia, there was a distinct (and welcome) lack of boycotts.

As a result the Sarajevo games had highest rate of participation of any Olympics during the Cold War. Unfortunately this moment of hope and unity was short-lived.

Civil war would divide Yugoslavia less than a decade later.

The Siege of Sarajevo

The siege of Sarajevo featured prominently in the opening chapters of the Bosnian war, and the brand-new Olympic facilities were caught in the crossfire.

As the battle intensified, Bosnian-Serbs famously dug in on the Bobsled/Luge track and used it as an artillery stronghold. To this day, you can still see firing ports drilled into the concrete.

The former olympic village was never redeveloped, and remains in ruins to this day...

...Just A Theory?

By late 2001, the Former-Soviet-Bloc countries were still in disarray, and 'War On Terror' was in full-swing.

In this post 9/11 world, films about the horrors of the Vietnam war, or the spy games of the Cold War just didn't resonate. So, the way action movie antagonists were written had to evolve...

Real-world unknowns and fears drive how we write stories; whether it's a humanitarian crisis inspiring movies about invading aliens from outer space, or zombies representing our fears around epidemics & disease.

Villains like Sasha Ivanic embodied this new era of guerilla tactics and hazy or mysterious motivations. Much like the terrorist groups feared by the public, there was no telling what they'd do next, or why.

Sasha's Jacket begged some unknowns: Could Sasha have been an Olympian at Sarajevo? What was he really fighting for, or for whom? We never found out, but it's part of what makes him so frightening and believable.

Sasha's Legacy

Going on to inspire Anti Heros like Nico Bellic in GTA would be one thing, but he was certainly part of a larger trend of iconic Eastern European villains.

The Ivan Dragos of cinema were slowly replaced with the Vladimir Makarovs of video games, and with the re-opening of closed wounds constantly in Eastern Europe, Sasha's morally grey character archetype continues to have a lasting relevance.

Sure, the boys in the Adidas track jackets were always there, but it was Sasha who made it the standard issue uniform.

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