Russia's Go-To Belt kit, Brought Back to the West in collaboration with Arktis UK.


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  • Made by Arktis exclusively for Kommandostore
  • Comes Complete — Pouches & Buttpack Included
  • 100% Refundable Deposit, 30 Day Returns
  • Ships Q4 2024

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  • Comes as a complete set with buttpack and AKM Pouches as pictured
  • buttpack Capacity: 5.5-6L
  • 300D Nylon Construction
  • Color-matched Russian "Olive" colorway
  • NIR Compliant fabrics to reduce visibility under night vision
  • Same Polymer & Metal buckle combination as original SSO SMERSH
  • Waist & Height Adjustable from approximately US Size XS-2XL

  • Snap/velcro closure Magazine pouches with shock cord cinch designed for use with AK platforms, compatible with many others. (See further details below)
  • "Flare" pockets on pouch exterior
  • Modular shoulder-mounted "PPI" pouch for small IFAK Items
  • "MOLLE" webbing on Shoulder harness and buttpack sides (Russian variant of PALS, not 100% compatible with western pouches, but similar enough to make work)
  • Rugged drag/carry handle on shoulder harness
  • Auxiliary grenade pouches on side of main mag pouch cells
  • Modular Expandable buttpack with interior cinch & exterior compression straps — may be mounted at hips or in "backpack" position.
  • Posterior mounting straps for carrying tarps & small shelter halves
  • Large structural belt with oversized buckle and padding to distribute weight at hips

Our SMERSH-AK belt kit is a one-size-fits-most rig with the exact same specifications as the original.

i.e., If the original SSO SMERSH fits you, you'll fit in ours.

It features an adjustable waist that accommodates for 28.5-46.5" (72-118 cm) or the small end of XS to the large end of 2XL.

The 'yoke' of the rig is also highly adjustable to accommodate most heights. You'll want the rig to sit at your hips for optimal weight distribution and comfort.

The Story Of "СМЕРЧ"

A historical background of Russian FSB kit development, our mission to bring it back to the western world, & a deep dive into whether it's really called SMERCH (СМЕРЧ) or SMERSH (СМЕРШ)"...

Up Close and Personal: Explore Our SMERSH

A Sustainment Powerhouse

The celebrated SMERSH design iterates on many popular 'belt kits' with modular pouch placement and an excellent 'buttpack' for extra gear.

And of course, everything is included right out of the box.

Comfortable Under Load

The SMERSH distributes it's weight at your hips but features comfortable shoulder padding too.

Filled to capacity with everything you need on your excursion, it stays extremely comfortable all day long.

Broad Adjustability

It's important to get your gear dialed in to your body, and the SMERSH has no problem adjusting to sizes from XS to 2XL with ease at the waist and shoulders.

Once you're set up, it's easy to don & doff thanks to an oversized waist buckle and supporting sternum strap.

"СМЕРШ АК" Pouches

We picked the AK-pouch variant to clone — out of all the SMERSH variants, it accommodates for the most rifle platforms without major modifications needed.

AR-15 users: add a mag assist or simply pad out the bottom of the pouch to lift the mags up, and you'll have no problem running 3 magazines in each cell.

Down To The Details

We've done our best to clone the original fan-favorite, but with enhanced quality control & materials selection.

It's far beyond the "Airsoft" quality of the SSO/SPOSN SMERSH, without sacrificing any of the rugged simplicity of the original.

If you love the original SMERSH or it's derivatives, you'll love ours even more.

Our Guarantee

At any time until SMERSH Ships to you, your pre-order is 100% refundable.

Once you get your rig, you're covered by our comprehensive 30-day return policy.

if you have any questions about the rig's fit, magazine compatibility, or anything else, you can contact customer support with our live chat or by emailing

SMERSH On The Move

What Belt-Kit Does Best

The SMERSH excels at carrying a large amount of gear with as little stress to the user as possible.
We've broken down our kit below to demonstrate it's capability.

Click The Icons To Learn More

Modular Harness

The wide belt and simple loop system makes it easy to customize SMERSH with any combination of it's pouches.

And because it's a clone of the original, it'll work with original SMERSH compatible pouches too.

Magazine Pouches

Featuring an internal plastic divider, the pouches are designed to hold 4 30-round AK magazines but works with a variety of platforms. Six AR-15 Magazines total fit comfortably and are easily retrieved using mag assists or ranger plates.

The internal divider is removable, making it a versatile way to carry more than just ammo — extra water, a radio, and more are right at home.

The small side-mounted pockets are perfect for boo-boo kits, compact Tourniquets, compasses & GPS units, and of course, your favorite throwable.

IFAK Extras

The "PPI" Pouch is typically mounted on the PALS webbing on the shoulders, but can also be mounted on the belt.

It's perfect for quick access to bandages and other small IFAK items.

A Spacious Trunk

The buttpack is perfect for carrying what you don't need immediate access to, but helps you bring more than you'll need on your expeditions.

With an internal cinch and a double buckled lid, it resists water entry and has the ability to expand and contract with any loadout.

Additional tarp roll straps are available to round out your shelter or simply tuck away.

Magazine Compatibility

As we've directly cloned the original SMERSH, the pouches mostly accommodate rifle magazines of the AKM variety. However, we've successfully used the rig with AR-15 mags with mag-assists (made by Magpul & others) to extend the magazine for easier access.

For more specifics, expand the tabs below.

As this is a clone of the SMERSH intended for the AKM platform, expect the classic 30-rounders for 7.62x39 chambered rifles to fit perfectly.

5.45 magazines of the 30-round variety will also fit.

Taller magazines such as the 40 round magazines intended for the RPK will exceed the available flap length on the pouches, and may only be able to be ran open-top.

AR-15 and other STANAG-styled magazines will fit comfortably, however, they may be difficult to access quickly due to the depth of the pouch itself.

You can add mag assists/ranger plates to each magazine or add a filler (foam or plastic wedge) to the bottom of the pouch to make your freedom filled STANAG mags work just as well as the commie mags.

While we don't have extensive experience running other types of magazines in SMERSH, SCAR/FAL magazines have been tested to fit, but may be difficult to extract due to their shorter height.

The same should apply for most other similarly sized 7.62x51 NATO magazines.

For pistol caliber carbine "stick" magazines, you may find that they're too tall for the closure to secure, similar to the 40 round RPK magazine's situation.

Collaborating In Quality

We chose a manufacturer from the United Kingdom, known for their unbeatable quality & decades of manufacturing experience.

Type-A QC from Arktis

We worked directly with Arktis to bring the beltkit back from 'unobtanium' status in the west.

Compared to the original, the quality is far more consistent — decades of gear-making pedigree goes a long way to ensure this SMERSH is the best it can be.

Low NIR Reflectivity

Our rig is held to the same standards as modern high-end mil-spec gear is.

Special non-reflective fabrics & color absorbing dyes make our SMERSH unique in the way it can blend in more with natural environments when viewed through traditional near-infrared night vision devices.

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A Very Special Thanks

We couldn't have re-made Russia's most legendary webbing without the help from our friends and fans on Instagram.

We'd like to thank @ruski.operator for aiding our historical research efforts into the rig — much of our copy is drawn from his retelling of the SMERSH Lore.

We'd also like to thank @hotbutteronthemove — an Instagram follower of ours who commented on all of our posts for nearly 2 years, begging us to bring a SMERSH to market. We hope we've granted his wish among many others.