Warehouse Fall Cleaning Gumball

Warehouse Fall Cleaning Gumball

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Welcome back to the Gumball Machine: KommandoStore’s one of a kind, RNG-driven clearance event.

This September we are very happy to bring back the Gumball Machine with a healthy stock of new surplus and personal protective equipment.

About the Sale

The Gumball Machine is simple and driven by pure chance. We select a bunch of items for clearance, publish the odds, and distribute them randomly as you order. No special requests for items are honored, it's all down to what the random number generator says...

In the end, everyone walks away a winner — we get to empty our shelves, and you get amazing deals and weird one-offs from our warehouse.

Please note that this is a clearance event. Returns are not accepted on Gumball orders.

A Special Note on Sizing & Condition

Sized Gumball items will be distributed randomly unless specifically stated otherwise in the description below. You are free to request certain sizes of items in your order notes but we can make no guarantees of availability.

Unless stated otherwise Gumball items are either new or in Grade 1 (excellent) condition.

The Gumball Process

Below you will find the table of available items in the Gumball Machine, each with a corresponding percentile chance. Gumball Machine items are determined through the following RNG system — no requests for specific items are allowed.

Let’s say you have your eye on a particular item and want to calculate your chance of getting it, at least once, across multiple Gumballs. The formula for this is:

1 - ( 1 - % Chance) ^ (# of Chances)

If item A has a 20% chance per Gumball, and you purchase three Gumballs, here's how it would shake out. Your chance at item A is equal to:

1 - (1 - 0.20)^3 = 0.488

In other words, your chance at item A is 48.8%

Note: To use this formula you need to express the percentage chance in decimal form. The 20% chance in the formula above is written as "0.20" not "20."

Happy hunting and may RNGesus bless you!

Probability Retail
10pk MedPride 3-ply Surgical Face Masks (FDA Approved) 14.67% $11.99
Tychem 2000 QC127S Coverall 14.67% $14.99
Blem AT Anzug 03 Pants 13.00% $19.99
SCOTT P100 P3R FIlter 8.80% $24.99
The Boot Kinder Egg ™ 5.87% depends
KommandoStore Range Notes x2 5.87% $13.98
Blem M71 Civil Defense Jacket 5.57% $34.99
Unsized Tagless AT Anzug 03 Pants 4.40% depends
German Police Ballistic/Anti Stab Vest Shell 2.93% $24.99
Czech M60 Jacket size 96 / 161-170 2.76% $19.99
Damaged AT Paratrooper Boots 1.55% $34.99
SCOTT CAP1 CBRN Filter 1.47% $24.99
Warehouse Artifacts 1.47% depends
Wellenbrecher Boonie Hat 1.47% $29.99
Blem German OD Cotton Shirt 1.29% $5.99
Damaged Swiss KS90 Boots 1.23% $59.99
Saline Lock Kit 1.14% $10.99
Finnish M61 or M65 Cap 1.09% $29.99
East German Shelter Half Tent Pole and Stake Set x2 1.03% $8.98
Fixed Flange Nasal Trumpet 0.88% $6.99
NAR Gen 7 Combat Application Tourniquet 0.88% $29.99
Bundeswehr Tricot Quarter-zip Shirt 0.85% $7.99
1st Choice Disposable Medical Exam Gloves 0.70% $14.95
German PT Shorts 0.67% $5.99
German Police Issue Khaki Vest 0.56% $18.99
Blem Flecktarn Parka 0.47% $44.99
Blem DE Tropen Tee 0.44% $6.99
Damaged DE KS2007 Boots 0.35% $89.99
Damaged DE Naval Boots 0.32% $74.99
German Bundesmarine Dark Blue Sweater size 46 0.29% $39.99
25$ KommandoStore Gift Card 0.29% $25.00
Blem Austrian M75 Pants 0.26% $14.99
UPC Camo Medpacks 0.23% depends
Damaged AT Delta Boots 0.18% $99.99
Swiss Messenger Bag 0.15% $26.99
Blem M95 Gas Mask, missing hardware 0.15% $49.99
Blem MSA Phalanx Mask, missing hardware 0.15% $114.98
Blem AT M75 Shirt 0.15% $13.99
D-Lead Lead Test Kit 0.15% $27.99
Damaged AT Alpine Boots 0.12% $34.99
DE Forestry Jacket 0.12% $39.99
German Polizei Ballistic/Anti Stab Vest 0.12% $154.99
50$ KommandoStore Gift Card 0.12% $50.00
East German Pack Canvas 0.09% $9.99
Damaged German Jungle Boots 0.09% $64.99
US M81 Woodland Jacket 0.09% depends
French ARF-A Gas Mask with Carrier Bag 0.09% depends
Polish Puma Camo Pack 0.09% $14.99
Blem V-Tarn Dyed Parka (No modifications) 0.09% $99.99
Blem MSA Millennium, missing pieces 0.06% $89.99
US Woodland Pants 0.06% depends
Blem German Tricot Shirt 0.06% $7.99
Blem V-Tarn Lite Parka 0.06% $99.99
Tax Fraud Pride Flag 0.06% $23.99
Blem MSA Ultra Elite, missing pieces 0.03% $69.99
US Woodland Hat 0.03% depends
US Desert Jacket 0.03% depends
V-Tarn Tropen Tee 0.03% $17.99
Blem Parka Liner 0.03% $28.99
Austrian Cotton Poly M65 0.03% $54.99
Austrian Anzug 03 Shirt 0.03% $23.49
Blem Polizei Bomber 0.03% $89.99
Blem Polizei Leather Jacket 0.03% $119.99
Lightly Used Waxi Boot size 7.5 0.03% $134.99
A Whole Foot 0.03% priceless

average rating 4.8 out of 5
Based on 1135 reviews
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1135 Reviews
Reviewed by Jason B.
Verified Buyer
I recommend this product
Rated 5 out of 5
Review posted

I would gamble again.

I got an aim-9 sidewinder standee, the two pack bundeswehr tank tops, and the eternally weird east german vinyl poncho. I would gamble again.

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Reviewed by Jae Y. K.
Verified Buyer
I recommend this product
Rated 5 out of 5
Review posted

It was great!

Awesome raffle, awesome prize!

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Reviewed by Cameron G.
Verified Buyer
I recommend this product
Rated 5 out of 5
Review posted

It Belongs in a Museum! (but on my head will do)

Got some pretty awesome helmet liners and hats. Always seem to get a gift card in these things too. Basically free stuff from the kool kommando klub.

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Reviewed by Kurtis S.
Verified Buyer
I recommend this product
Rated 5 out of 5
Review posted

Gondola, Gondola, Gondola!

You don't buy the gumballs hoping for something specific. You buy them to have a good time! Or, in my case to bring confusion and then joy (in the form of 3 gondolas) to each of my kids. In these trying times, that is all that one really needs.

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Reviewed by Aidan E.
Verified Buyer
I recommend this product
Rated 5 out of 5
Review posted

Very Comfy

Got two scarves and some pants out of this, and well worth it. The cold Midwest winters won’t be so bad with the scarves, and the pants are just fantastic work pants. Very heavy duty, and comfy.

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