Ivan's (Late Summer 2019) Gumball Machine

Ivan's (Late Summer 2019) Gumball Machine

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Welcome to the Gumball Machine, KommandoStore’s one of a kind, RNG-driven clearance event.

This August we are very happy to bring back the Gumball Machine with a healthy stock of new surplus. With items from over 10 different countries, and a large quantity of new and Grade 1 surplus — there is something for everyone. 


About the Sale

The Gumball Machine is simple and driven by pure chance. We select a bunch of items for clearance, publish the odds, and distribute them randomly as you order. No special requests for items are honored, it's all down to what the random number generator says...

In the end, everyone walks away a winner — we get to empty our shelves, and you get amazing deals and weird one-offs from our warehouse.

Please note that this is a clearance event. Returns are not accepted on Gumball orders.


A Special Note on Sizing & Condition

Sized Gumball items will be distributed randomly unless specifically stated otherwise in the description below.

Unless stated otherwise Gumball items are either new or in Grade 1 (excellent) condition.


    Multiball Unique Bonuses

    Every 10-pack and 25-pack of Gumballs includes a guaranteed bonus item.


    The Gumball Process

    Below you will find the table of available items in the Gumball Machine, each with a corresponding percentile chance. Gumball Machine items are determined through the following RNG system — no requests for specific items are allowed.

    Let’s say you have your eye on a particular item and want to calculate your chance of getting it, at least once, across multiple Gumballs. The formula for this is:

    1 - ( 1 - % Chance) ^ (# of Chances)

    If item A has a 20% chance per Gumball, and you purchase three Gumballs, here's how it would shake out. Your chance at item A is equal to:

    1 - (1 - 0.20)^3 = 0.488

    In other words, your chance at item A is 48.8%

    Note: To use this formula you need to express the percentage chance in decimal form. The 20% chance in the formula above is written as "0.20" not "20."

    Happy hunting and may RNGesus bless you!


    Gumball Item Quantity Chance
    2 x West German Bundeswehr Sewing Kit 200 16.47%
    3 x Random Morale Patches 150 12.36%
    West German "Post War" Wool Scarf 100 8.24%
    1 x Bag Chocolate Zibby Beans 100 8.24%
    USGI Extreme Cold Weather Mask 60 4.94%
    East German Undershirt 50 4.12%
    25$ Gift Card 50 4.12%
    Blem Bundeswehr Engineer's Coverall Suit 47 3.87%
    Swiss Issue Forest Hatchet 40 3.29%
    USGI Glove Liners 40 3.29%
    West German Bundeswehr Tanktop 38 3.13%
    East German UTV Belt 29 2.39%
    Austrian Winter Pant Liner 27 2.22%
    Czech M60 Jacket 25 2.06%
    East German Rain Pattern Magazine Pouch 25 2.06%
    2 x Bags Firey Grads 25 2.06%
    2 x Bags Chocolate Zibby Beans 25 2.06%
    German BGS Fur-Lined Parka (Size Eu 98) 23 1.89%
    Unissued SADF Nutria Long Sleeve Shirt (Size XS) 23 1.89%
    Blem GorTex M65 Parka 22 1.81%
    Swiss Messenger Case 20 1.65%
    Police Car GPS Antenna 15 1.24%
    Swiss Shoe Care Kits (Incomplete) 15 1.24%
    Belgian Leather Gloves 15 1.24%
    Modular Polizei Parka 11 0.91%
    Blem Austrian ANZUG 03 Mountain Jacket 10 0.82%
    100$ Gift Card 10 0.82%
    Polish Mess Kit 7 0.58%
    Japanese MRE 5 0.41%
    10 Years Free Shipping (CONUS ONLY) 3 0.25%
    Polish Summer Tanker Helmet (Size 53-54) 2 0.16%
    Broken Warehouse Packing Scale (Autographed) 1 0.08%
    F6 MACH Helmet 1 0.08%
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    Based on 1455 reviews
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    1455 Reviews
    Reviewed by Jakob D.
    Verified Buyer
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    big ol box

    big ol box of invisible .30 cal. I love it

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    Reviewed by Casey B.
    Verified Buyer
    I recommend this product
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    Ivan’s balls are so powerful they helped me detransition! Each item I received was worth well over the individual price of what I got, and they somehow knew my size (short and chubby). I saved so much money I was able to resume my pimping career! Now my only concern in life is to peel money and touch bitches. Thanks, Ivan!

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    Reviewed by Cory L.
    Verified Buyer
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    Ivan’s balls

    Wasn’t sure what to expect, first time order of some Russian’s balls. Ended up with a nice $25 gift card. Good buy

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    Reviewed by Rory B.
    Verified Buyer
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    First time ball buyer, will definitely buy again

    This was fantastic. Got myself a Two-Pack of the TM-62 Landmine Plush, a Slovak M97 Woodland Field Jacket, and a Swiss M70 Alpenflage Parka. Two thumbs up.

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    Reviewed by John B.
    Verified Buyer
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    Review posted

    Labor of love

    Good balls

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