Black Market Ball
Black Market Ball

Black Market Ball

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Help Us Offload The Goods.

This gumball machine is vending illicit deals and illicit goods — from a fully functional PVS-14 night vision device to a painstakingly hand-drawn picture from the warehouse intern. The stakes are high, and the prize pool is full of off-the-wall winnings. Vend responsibly.

About the Sale

The Gumball Machine is simple and driven by pure chance. We select a bunch of items for clearance, publish the odds, and distribute them randomly as you order. No special requests for items are honored, it's all down to what the random number generator says...

In the end, everyone walks away a winner — we get to empty our shelves, and you get amazing deals and weird one-offs from our warehouse.

Please note that this is a clearance event. Returns are not accepted on Gumball orders.

A Special Note on Sizing & Condition

Sized Gumball items will be distributed randomly unless specifically stated otherwise in the description below. You are free to request certain sizes of items in your order notes but we can make no guarantees of availability.

Unless stated otherwise Gumball items are either new or in Grade 1 (excellent) condition.


The Gumball Process

Below you will find the table of available items in the Gumball Machine, each with a corresponding percentile chance. Gumball Machine items are determined through the following RNG system — no requests for specific items are allowed.

Let’s say you have your eye on a particular item and want to calculate your chance of getting it, at least once, across multiple Gumballs. The formula for this is:

1 - ( 1 - % Chance) ^ (# of Chances)

If item A has a 20% chance per Gumball, and you purchase three Gumballs, here's how it would shake out. Your chance at item A is equal to:

1 - (1 - 0.20)^3 = 0.488

In other words, your chance at item A is 48.8%

Note: To use this formula you need to express the percentage chance in decimal form. The 20% chance in the formula above is written as "0.20" not "20."

Happy hunting and may RNGesus bless you!

Item Chance Retail
Three-Pack Mocha Zibby Beans 12.62% $20.97
Two-Pack 3" Mini Gondola 11.36% $29.98
1' Gondola Plush 8.83% $34.99
Two-Pack Czech M60 Canteen 6.31% $23.98
$25 Gift Card 6.31% $25.00
Two-Pack KommandoStore Notebook Set 5.05% $31.98
The "Big Fish" Hat 5.05% $34.99
Belgian Khaki Service Shirt 5.05% $15.99
Czech White Lab Coat 5.05% $24.99
Surplus Hospital Glass Urine Bottle 4.69% $15.00
Gondola Tee 3.28% $19.99
Ride The Gumball Tee 2.62% $19.99
Swiss M93 Alpenflage Rucksack 2.57% $14.99
Blem Dutch Long Range Pack 2.22% $89.99
Blem FR Bundesmarine Deck Pants 1.77% $29.99
Blem Zibby Mug 1.62% $14.99
4-Pack Blem OD Tee 1.26% $27.96
$30 Gift Card 1.26% $30.00
6' Big Gondola 1.26% $169.99
Dutch Hybrid Fliers Pack - Serviceable 1.26% $44.99
Forze Armate SEPT2 Helmet Medium / Good 1.26% $69.99
Warehouse Artifacts 1.26% $20.00
Free Conus Shipping for 1 Year 1.26% $150.00
Dutch Duffle Bag- Serviceable 0.86% $34.99
4-Pack Blem Tropen Tee 0.76% $29.96
4-Pack Czech Tank Top 0.61% $20.00
2x Flecktarn Field Cap 0.56% $23.98
Blem "Big Fish" Hat 0.56% $34.99
Warehouse Worker Feet Pics 0.50% Priceless :)
TM-62 Landmine Crate 0.45% $124.99
Blem Italian Forze Armate Khaki Shorts 0.35% $19.99
TM-62 Landmine 0.35% $54.99
Blem F1 Rucksack 0.30% $29.99
Blem Italian Fire-Proof Blanket 0.30% $15.99
Handsome Warehouse Worker Socks (Used, Unwashed) 0.25% Priceless 
Crayon Drawing From Warehouse Intern (Your Prompt) 0.25% Priceless 
$100 Gift Card 0.25% $100.00
3D Printed Figurine of Judy Hopps from the Motion Picture Zootopia 0.15% Priceless :)
We Send A Pizza To Your House 0.10% $35.00
Spare Parts Special, PVS-14 (US ONLY) 0.05% $2,000.00
$500 Gift Card 0.05% $500.00
Dutch Landmacht Bag 0.05% $49.99

average rating 4.9 out of 5
Based on 1802 reviews
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This is better than gambling because you get something worthwhile instead of blowing all your money on a slot machine.

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Reviewed by Trent A.
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Gumballs are great!

No matter what weirdness you get it's worth it!

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Can't wait to open the damned thing

Away at the moment, can't wait to see what I'm getting here.

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I am addicted to gambling

I got 2 balaclavas and the address to my nearest bank 10/10

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