End Of Days Ball Part 3: Limited Nuclear Response
End Of Days Ball Part 3: Limited Nuclear Response

End Of Days Ball Part 3: Limited Nuclear Response

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About the Sale

The Gumball Machine is simple and driven by pure chance. We select a bunch of items for clearance, publish the odds, and distribute them randomly as you order. No special requests for items are honored, it's all down to what the random number generator says...

In the end, everyone walks away a winner — we get to empty our shelves, and you get amazing deals and weird one-offs from our warehouse.

Please note that this is a clearance event. Returns are not accepted on Gumball orders.


A Special Note on Sizing & Condition

Sized Gumball items will be distributed randomly unless specifically stated otherwise in the description below. You are free to request certain sizes of items in your order notes but we can make no guarantees of availability.

Unless stated otherwise Gumball items are in either new or in Grade 1 (excellent) condition. 


The Gumball Process

Below you will find the table of available items in the Gumball Machine, each with a corresponding percentile chance. Gumball Machine items are determined through the following RNG system — no requests for specific items are allowed.

Let’s say you have your eye on a particular item and want to calculate your chance of getting it, at least once, across multiple Gumballs. The formula for this is:

1 - ( 1 - % Chance) ^ (# of Chances)

If item A has a 20% chance per Gumball, and you purchase three Gumballs, here's how it would shake out. Your chance at item A is equal to:

1 - (1 - 0.20)^3 = 0.488

In other words, your chance at item A is 48.8%

Note: To use this formula you need to express the percentage chance in decimal form. The 20% chance in the formula above is written as "0.20" not "20."

Happy hunting and may RNGesus bless you!


"Rare" Items

Item Chance Retail
Warehouse Artifacts 0.81% Priceless :)
New Production Pattern 83 Chest Rig - Nutria Brown 0.31% $159.99
Pattern 84 Chest Rig - MultiCam Black 0.21% $219.99
Paulson DK-5 Universal Riot Face Shield 0.17% $59.99
USMC Peckham Polartec Thermal Fleece Pullover, Olive Drab, XL 0.10% $49.99
Blem USGI PCU Level 7 Parka 0.10% $169.99
Blem USGI PCU Level 7 Pants 0.10% $69.99
Complete ALICE Pack (Frame, Shoulder Straps, Kidney Belt, OD Medium Rucksack) 0.08% $129.99
Afghan Large Pattern "Peace" Rug 0.08% $249.99
SureFire M88 Hellfighter Mount System 0.06% $599.99
HEAT Rig, Your Size 0.06% $199.99
1 Year Free CONUS shipping 0.06% $150.00
$100 Gift Card 0.06% $100.00
USGI Flyers Coveralls 0.06% $99.99
Afghan Large Pattern War Rug 0.04% $299.99
An Entire Charcoal Grill 0.04% $149.99
Blem USGI Olive Drab Deployment Bag 0.02% $125.59
ABU Tigerstripe Deployment Bag 0.02% $124.99
$500 Gift Card 0.02% $500.00



"Common" Items

Item Chance Retail
Two Random Patches and Two Random Stickers 10.82% $31.99
Three-Pack UCP Double Mag STANAG Pouch, Velcro Pull 5.94% $19.98
USGI UCP Fighting Load Carrier 5.11% $24.99
Please Be Patient Fanny Pack 4.65% $19.99
$20 Gift Card 4.14% $20.00
1ft Gondola Plush 4.12% $34.99
Italian Forze Armate Shorts 2.69% $19.99
ERGO 18-Slot FDE Rail Cover, 3 Pack 2.61% $23.97
Two Pack 5 Rib KAC Ribbed Hand Rail Cover 2.59% $31.98
Two Pack Dark Chocolate Zibby Beans 2.48% $13.98
Gondola Onesie 2.28% $64.99
Blem USGI Self-Inflating Sleeping Mat 2.21% $39.99
Two Pack Eagle Industries Khaki Canteen Pouch 2.07% $27.98
False Flag 2.07% $29.99
Four-Pack Bundeswehr "Mannhose" PT Shorts 2.07% $23.96
Three-Pack Salty USMC Double-Single STANAG Mag Pouch 1.55% $11.97
USGI Self-Inflating Sleeping Mat, Therm-A-Rest Alpha Grey Good 1.55% $39.99
Two-Pack USGI Barracks Bags 1.55% $15.98
MOLLE II 3L Camelbak® Hydration Carrier, OCP, Good Condition w/ Grimlocks 1.55% $19.99
Two-Pack Belgian Service Shirt 1.55% $31.98
Bose Gentex Triport CVC PTT and Mic Set 1.53% $49.99
Two Pack 9 Rib KAC Ribbed Hand Rail Cover 1.45% $39.98
Blem USGI UCP Poncho Liner 1.34% $34.99
Serviceable USGI Roll-Up Sleeping Mat (No Straps) 1.32% $11.99
MOLLE II 3L Camelbak® Hydration Carrier, UCP, Good Condition without Grimlock 1.14% $9.99
The Big Patch Hat 1.12% $39.99
USGI ECW Boot Liner (Pair) 1.05% $24.99
Two-Pack USGI OCP PVS-14 Pouch Protective NVG Insert 1.03% $39.98
Please Be Patient Cap 1.03% $24.99
Three-Pack USGI DSCP Cotton T-Shirt 1.01% $22.99
USGI UCP Poncho Liner 1.01% $34.99
Roof Korean Flag 0.93% $29.99
Czech Tube Scarf Two-Pack 0.83% $19.98
Blem MARPAT Shelter Half 0.83% $39.99
I'm A Contra T-Shirt 0.72% $24.99
Two Pack M81 Radio/Utility Pouch 0.72% $15.98
Serviceable USMC MARPAT Shelter Half 0.72% $39.99
Battle-Damaged USGI OCP/MultiCam Assault Pack 0.72% $59.99
Three-Pack Bundeswehr Tricot Quarter-zip Shirt 0.68% $23.97
Two-Pack USGI UCP Three Mag Placard 0.68% $19.98
Misc Bundeswehr Trail Shoes 0.66% $39.99
Duty Flag 0.62% $29.99
Blem USGI ECW Fleece Jacket 0.58% $39.99
Two-Pack German Bundeswehr PT Pants 0.52% $39.99
Two-Pack German Bundeswehr PT Jacket 0.52% $39.98
Two Pack Ops-Core Gas Mask Chinstrap Extender 0.52% $23.98
Three-Pack Ivan's Fiery Grads 0.52% $19.47
I'm A Contra Hoodie 0.52% $39.99
Battle-Damaged USMC Catoma Pop-Up Bednet System 0.43% $99.99
USGI ORC Industries Improved Combat Shelter, UCP (Serviceable) 0.41% $89.99
$25 Gift Card 0.41% $25.00
Two-Pack Blem North American Rescue TQ Pouch, Coyote Brown 0.41% $29.98
USGI Insect Headnet 0.41% $19.99
Serviceable USGI UCP Large Rucksack (Complete) 0.41% $69.99
Khaki Polizei Turtleneck Sweater 0.41% $19.99
Two-Pack M67 Frag Grenade Plush 0.39% $31.98
Two-Pack UCP IFAK Pouch 0.41% $19.98
Two-Pack Battle-Damaged USGI Waterproof Bag 0.35% $19.98
USGI Insect Net System 0.35% $24.99
Blem USMC Catoma Wolverine Tent Rainfly 0.31% $69.99
USGI Blue Dress Pants 0.27% $24.99
Two-Pack Child Soldier Sized 2XS Parka Liner 0.27% $39.98
USGI Food Service Trousers 0.27% $19.99
Blem USGI Enhanced Duffle Bag 0.25% $39.99
Blem USGI MSS Compression Sack, Foliage Green 0.25% $19.99
USGI Food Service Apron 0.25% $11.98
UCP CamelBak Thermobak Hydration System 0.25% $39.99
Eagle Industries Khaki Padded War Belt 0.23% $39.99
Blem USMC FILBE Rucksack Set, No Frame or Kidney Belt 0.23% $59.99
Blem M70 Alpenflage Pants 0.23% $29.99
$50 Gift Card 0.21% $50.00
Eagle Industries UH-92F UCP Drop Leg Holster 0.19% $29.99
USGI OCP Three Mag Placard 0.17% $15.99
USGI UCP STANAG Bandoleer 0.17% $14.99
Blem USGI UCP Bivy Cover 0.14% $79.99
Blem USGI M81 Woodland Load Bearing Vest 0.14% $49.99
Skeeta-Tent Mosquito Net Screen 0.14% $29.99
UCP Shelter Half 0.12% $49.99
Safariland Misc Holster 0.10% $49.99
USGI Utility Smock (The Shinji Shirt) 0.10% $14.99
Blem Italian Fireproof Blanket 0.10% $15.99
Blem Croatian M65 Generic Warlord Parka 0.10% $39.99
Blem USGI Patrol Bag, Alpha Grey 0.08% $89.99
Blem MARPAT Wet Weather Poncho Liner 0.08% $44.99
Blem Bundeswehr Rain Poncho/Shelter Half 0.08% $29.99
USGI Flyers Coveralls 0.06% $99.99
USGI Fuel Handlers Coverall 0.06% $34.99
Eagle Industries Large MOLLE Optic Pouch, Khaki 0.06% $19.99
Blem Flecktarn Field Shirt 0.06% $149.99
Half-Combat Waxi Boots, Used 0.06% $99.99
USGI UCP Medical Field Pack 0.04% $149.99
Blem USGI ECW N-3B Parka 0.04% $119.99
USGI M81 Woodland STANAG Bandoleer 0.02% $19.99
USGI Old Gen ECW Mummy Sleeping Bag 0.02% $119.99
Rothco MA-1 Reproduction Jacket Sage Green XL 0.02% $49.99
USGI Utility Coverall 0.02% $49.99
Blem USGI M81 Woodland Apache Fliers Bag 0.02% $49.99
Eagle Industries Low Pro Chest Rig V2 AOR2 (No Shoulder or Kidney Straps) 0.02% $99.99

average rating 4.9 out of 5
Based on 1874 reviews
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1874 Reviews
Reviewed by Alec A.
Verified Buyer
Boomer Ball
Boomer Ball
I recommend this product
Rated 5 out of 5
Review posted

I c*me, I saw, I boomer balled out

I ordered and joked about hoping it was something sick and wearable in my size. I really wasn’t expecting a whole Austrian M65 jacket. A little small for me, but it fit my fiancée perfect! Thanks y’all!

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Reviewed by Richard P.
Verified Buyer
Boomer Ball
Boomer Ball
I recommend this product
Rated 5 out of 5
Review posted

Loot boxes but good

Always fun to see what you're gonna get. It's always worth more than what you spent too!

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Reviewed by David P.
Verified Buyer
Boomer Ball
Boomer Ball
I recommend this product
Rated 5 out of 5
Review posted

Soooo much fun

You guys are the best.

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Reviewed by Gavin M.
Verified Buyer
Boomer Ball
Boomer Ball
I recommend this product
Rated 5 out of 5
Review posted


They gave me some incredible things! Everything actually fit me which was truly the cherry on top. And everything i got was worth well over what i spent, I love kommando Store!

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Reviewed by A.B
Verified Buyer
Boomer Ball
Boomer Ball
I recommend this product
Rated 4 out of 5
Review posted

A Steal with minor misfortune!

What a Steal these Balls are!

I dabble with these Balls here and there but I'm glad that I pitched in this time!

Unfortunate that I ended up getting two Lefts for the Takkies, I wonder if anyone got two rights?

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